Week 9 and 10

This blog is about a commitment to my art and myself to paint every day with no exception.  Posts will be weekly or biweekly to show the results of my efforts.

Because of the holiday, here are both the 9th and 10th week. I have heard that if you do something for 2 weeks it becomes a habit. I did paint everyday but I do not think it is my habit. I still have reminders on my calendar in the morning and evening to paint. Many days I know I will not paint in the morning but I want to start thinking about it. The evening reminder is to not get swept away by the regular evening routines, such as walking the dog, cooking dinner, etc.


Here are three different stages of a small painting on oilpaper, 16 x 12. I started it a while ago and let it sit for a long time. Then it was done after 3 days.